Rating System

~Warning~ Keep in mind that I do have sarcasm in mostly everything on this site, even if it is very strange sarcasm. It’s just my nature. This blog is my baby and home for book-worshiping or raging. So it will show upI am not here to give easy reviews to authors. Neither am I here to try and crush authors. I just write what I feel.

Moving on, if there are weak and passive female characters, that is a BIG turn off for me, as I am all about girl power. Mind you, if it is too much of girl power, too, like in-your-face I got the power, then sorry. I’m not such a big fan of that.

As for the male characters… If you like stalker type guys who tend to want to rape/kill/moodily stalk… the main character, then it’s probable you won’t enjoy my opinions of guys very much in books. Then again, I do love “bad boys”. That don’t have rape-y stalker urges for the main female character. Without due reason, of course. And the reason better be damn well due.

5 Stars =Yum. You know your own little personal library? I recommend you add this to it and put it in your worship pile.

4.5 Stars = Not quite 4 stars. I really, really want to make it 5 stars, but it had a tiny little flaw.

4 Stars = Pretty darn good. Maybe some flaws irked me a little, but I still loved it. Add it to your TBR pile.

3.5 Stars = Forgettable plot, but I liked it. My guilty pleasures will usually go here.

3 Stars = Hit and miss. I liked it enough to not put it in the ‘meh’ area. Forgettable plot.

2 Stars = The fabulosity of meh-ness resides here. My face starts to travel towards this:

Yay, happyslip

1 Star = Kill me now. I finished it, but I feel like tearing my eyes out and hitting my head against the wall. Painful, painful, painful book. Oh, on a positive note, I finished it!

0 Stars/DNF(did not finish) = If it got to this level, I am simply horror-stricken or worse. Extremely bored. Recommended for… no one.


Comment, please, because I'll read every comment. It makes me feel less like I'm just talking to myself.

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