About Me

Hello Love-lettes!

I guess I have to introduce myself as this is an About Me page. SO.
I’m a high school sophomore who has a serious addiction with books. Now as I go to a high school that’s completely dedicated to sports, (I do cross country, myself…) I find my bookish friends lacking. So I made Snuggle to make friends that love books, and have small, fun arguments over which fictional boyfriend is hotter.

About the Name:
Totally cutesy, isn’t it? It actually comes from my love of snuggling in bed, where books are scattered all around.

Also, I have insomnia, as I mentioned in my sidebar ->
But I completely enjoy it, thanks to my lovely books!

Hope you have fun on my blog!

Fun Facts about this Blogger: 

  1. I get my nickname from my family nickname… which is Bi, as in B-I, Bi. So… Bee… B-E-E
  2. I am addicted to cheese. And chocolate.
  3. In the morning time and during the school year, I torture myself with cross country lovingly.
  4. I may look Asian on the outside, but on the inside, I am amazingly blonde… according to choice people. I don’t believe it, though.
  5. I like reading in bed, hence the name Snuggle My Books
  6. Sometimes I get bullied for having squinty eyes. *sniff*
  7. I co-chair an animal charity club, because I loooove bunnies.
  8. My hair is black. (Shocker, I know!)
  9. My humor is two parts sarcastic, one part Asian, two parts funny, and six parts fantastical lies. Never mind that that adds up to eleven.
  10. Annd. I have two dogs.Thanks for reading! Love you!

Comment, please, because I'll read every comment. It makes me feel less like I'm just talking to myself.

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