Kim’s Genius(?) You decide. Stereotypes and Startling Sundays/Saturdays (SSS #1)

So I was thinking about something, recently. In the rush of school, I’ve managed to neglect my poor little blog down here!

But, now, I’m making a dedication to myself. I WILL do this every Saturday/Sunday, AT LEAST!
So, what I wanna cover s something that I’m actually intrigued in myself.

It’s the stereotypes of the book world. From the very typical racial stereotypes, to the most commonly seen in books, I’ll cover as much as I possibly can. I’ll dispel rumors and confirm rumors. Be assured that I’ll do research as well. Both from you readers and from people around me.

Labels and categories captivate us. They give us a safe way to put everyone into nice little boxes. “Avoid this. Avoid that.” Or maybe even, “Avoid him. Avoid her.”
No one fits into a label perfectly, but oftentimes, the massive bulk of them do fit into most of it. And sometimes, it’s completely wrong!

And here I am, trying to sort up the mess after all.
I intend this to be for writers, maybe, or for interested readers. Whoever it’s helpful to, or interesting to, I dedicate this idea to you guys.

Please do suggest things, and whether you think this is a good idea. Would you read this?

Now, for fun maps.

Tell me what you think!


8 thoughts on “Kim’s Genius(?) You decide. Stereotypes and Startling Sundays/Saturdays (SSS #1)

  1. I have to admit I’m a little unclear on what your idea is. Are you examining stereotypes in books (like the funny sidekick) or about books (like the sleeping girl on the cover) or about people who read books? Or maybe all of them?

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