Random Life, Undercover (#1)

I don’t know if anyone would read these, but my drafts are full of these odd little tidbits of lessons that I pick up from the most random things in life! Read my stories to try to figure it out, try to grab your own meaning of it, whatever. I’m just happy you’re reading it! 🙂

Yesterday I snuggled up in my bed, as usual, with lights off and only a small bed light to light up my book, when I heard the low, deep ruff of Miki, my little giant baby of a dog, and the higher pitched bark of Ringo. Outside, the yellow automatic detection light thingiemabob turned on and glared yellow into my room. I groaned inwardly and determined to wait it out. I thought it was just the usual neighborhood possum that perches on our wall every odd day or so.
But then, I heard a crunching noise. It sounded like the dogs were chewing something.
Weird. Very weird. Not to mention dangerous
So I got out of bed and looked out to see that on the neighbor’s side of the wall… which is aptly displayed in my undercover photo, that underneath the garden hose, (try to spot it!), was a kitty bowl filled with kitty food, most likely for kitties. A kitty chomped away at the food happily. Since I’m in love with kitties, I mewed at it.
“Mew, mew, mewmewmew!” Mr. Kitty did not turn. Time to try something new! “Rawr!”And finally, slowly, the Mt. Kitty turned around. Well, kitty wasn’t so kittenish after all, because Mr. Kitty, was actually a raccoon.

Well, I laughed hard at that. It stayed for a while, but never came back, unlike the possum on our wall, but it gave me a greater appreciation for the random odd bits that happen to surprise us.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Random Life, Undercover (#1)

    • Thanks Sophie! I’m not sure, but I think I’m actually an old follower. However, I also added my email so that I get it straight to my inbox now. Thank you!
      I love your header. 🙂

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