Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Title: Graceling
Author: Kristin Cashore
Publisher: Harcourt
Rating: 4 Stars
Looks like a typical fantasy genre type cover, doesn’t it? 
Graceling (Graceling Realm, #1)

Graceling is a well-written story that was original and novel with the ideas of well, um, Gracelings. Gracelings are marked with two different colored eyes, which in my opinion, I could live with, even if it did gain fear from other people in the land of Middluns. For some reason, they believed that two-colored eyes are ugly. And I’m like, BITCH! EVER HEARD OF KATE BOSWORTH?

I digress. Anyway. It could be a Grace from being able to have infinite niceness (Planet Earth, anybody? That poor, poor kid. Only thing that saved him was his monkey)… to… Killing. And poor Katsa is stuck with this superpower Grace.

Now, as good stories go, the story really made itself stand in my mind with its characters. I love Katsa. I especially love Po. And I even love the villain, in the creepy way we love villains.
 And dear, dear Katsa. I love this girl so much. I want her to be my BFF. Accept my love, darling? She is adorable, strong, smart, and has just the right amount of moodiness to make her… a teenager, I guess…
And just the right amount of strength. Well, maybe over.

The only inconsistent part I found with her was her lack of commitment to Po.

And. Now Po is the hottest two-colored prince I have ever met. He is cocky (who doesn’t love one of those cocky bastards?), but burdened with something (and don’t we love burdened heroes too?). I love the chemistry between these two. It flows naturally and makes the story enjoyable. And here comes the problem. Katsa doesn’t want to marry Po. Why? Goodness knows why. Because she doesn’t want to deal with servants? She wouldn’t have to, if she didn’t want to. Po would take care of that. Because she doesn’t want kids? Seabane takes care of that. I have a feeling that Kristin Cashore put too much effort into enforcing femininity here… Where it doesn’t really add enjoyment to the story, in this case.

And I like the villain. He’s creepy. Can’t tell you who that is, though, because that’d be a spoiler…

Anyway, long story short, and it really is a long story, I enjoyed this a lot, and got lost in the fantastic characters!


Recommended For: Fantasy lovers. People looking for a Unique Concept.


6 thoughts on “Graceling by Kristin Cashore

  1. This is actually one of my few books abandoned. For some reason,
    I couldn’t invest in it, which is strange considering that I loved the second book. Either way, I enjoyed your review of it.

  2. I tried to start reading this a few days ago but it just wasn’t happening! I suppose there were other books I just wanted to read more… 🙂

    That Kate Bosworth comment, hahaha. I didn’t even know she had two different colored eyes!

    • Nope! I’m actually really really interested in getting Bitterblue, even before Fire, because I looovee Bitterblue, and the mystery with her dad. 🙂
      Besides, there was a total like first chapter reveal thing happening in the back of the book. Did you read Fire? How is it?

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