Wings by Aprilynne Pike.

Wings (Wings, #1)
Title: Wings
Author: Stephenie Meyer #2 Aprilynne Pike
Publisher: HarperTeen
Rating: 1 Star

I should have known. I really should have.

I realized that I was going to be very badly disappointed with this book when I saw the little blurb from Stephenie Meyer. But I love fairies (or faeries?). What’s not to love about them? They’re cute, mischievous, they can fly, magic pies into other people’s faces, and are pretty! So I decided to pick it up. And I totally fell for it when another blurb claimed that it had a unique view of fae people (See, now Fai doesn’t work, does it?). All I can say is, it really did have a unique view on fairies. It. Really. Did.

Because the heroine is a PLANT.

You know I’m sexy. You know it.

That’s right. Our beautiful heroine, who thinks much too highly of herself, and not too much with her brain… is a plant. Supposedly, she gets energy from the sun and nutrients from other plants. (Cannibalism!) And it has me going ? ? ?.
Now the problem I have with Laurel is the self-image she casts, just like I was troubled with the way Bella acted. In our society where what we think is “cool” comes from the media, I’m super troubled by the way Laurel eats. I get that she’s a plant and she needs a plant diet (and even that makes me go huh? What the hell is up with that?). The problem with her is that she eats, like, a salad, and drinks some sprite for a meal. Sometimes only a mango. That’s it. Where does she get her nutrition? I don’t understand. And yes, plants also need nutrition. Vegans get it by eating tofu. Where does she get it? And why soda? Why not water? That should be the best thing for plants. And the worst part? Her super holistic mother doesn’t even think to seek professional help and notice something is severely off with her daughter. A normal girl who eats this way would be considered anorexic. I think this is an issue that no one has cared to address in the book and it scares me. Am I being too worried about this? Is it just me?

Now, let’s actually get around to talking about our beautiful heroine. My first opinion of her was that she was conceited. And that opinion was formed on page 3. Listen…

“Below the eyes was a warm but casual smile with very straight teeth. Braces probably, Laurel thought… Lucky for her, naturally straight.” (3).
Um, Laurel? You’re not the only one who might have naturally straight teeth.
Laurel is a spoiled brat who complains to her mother demanding an expensive program despite knowing fully well she can’t afford it.
Let me now talk about other aspects of her character…
Sorry. Can’t come up with anything. Nothing. There’s an outside Laurel, who’s model perfect and has petals growing out of her back. But inside, she’s just empty, and I can’t figure out who she is, at all.

This book was what I’d like to categorize, and have, as a waste of my life and…
dun dun dun…

Let’s end on a positive note, shall we?
love the name Aprilynne!


Recommended For:
Twilight lovers. And if you’re not, don’t torture yourself. Trust me. When I was reading this book, my summer homework got done.


3 thoughts on “Wings by Aprilynne Pike.

  1. Yeah I didn’t enjoy the first book either….but awesome take on the book! Great review. If you like fairies I would suggest the wicked lovely series! Melissa Mart’s writing is really good 🙂

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